Doubts concerning virus vaccinations

This is a letter to WHO concerning measures against virus spreading.

„How can we even consider intervening into a natural pandemic without any basic
understanding of the evolutonary–shaped interplay between the virus and the populaton’s
immune status? Uninformed hygiene/ containment and immune interventons are at risk of
disturbing the natural dynamics of a pandemic and hence, to prevent the virus and the
populaton’s immune defense from making a compromise that is ‘viable’ for both the virus and
the immune system, and that naturally follows the 3 waves of mortality and morbidity. When
the virus ultmately comes to terms with the immune system, herd immunity will prevent the
virus from causing a further sequence of morbidity and mortality waves while being ‘leaky’
enough to not eradicate the virus. Any interventon that increases the populaton’s immune
pressure on the virus without eradicatng the virus will inevitably lead to selectve viral immune escape (see below).“