Grundsatzaufsatz zur hypothetischen Wirkungsweise der Homöopathie. Hier wurden die von den Skeptikern ständig als Argumente gegen Homöopathie vorgebrachten Behauptungen zum Fehlen des chemisches Reagenzstoffes in den homöopathischen Mitteln untersucht. Das erfolgt mit einer Versuchsanordnung bei welcher Wasserstoff gegen Deuterium ausgewechselt wurde. Mit dieser Anordnung konnte die Taufliege Drosophila mit den Geruchsnerven beide Stoffe unterscheiden, obwohl sie nach der Schlüssel-Schloss-Theorie der Pharmakologen nicht unterscheidbar sein sollten. Die Unterscheidung ist nur unter Erklärung mit Hilfe der Quantenphysik möglich. Ich verweise u. a. auf den Grundsatzaufsatz von Kevin B. Clark, „Basis for a neuronal version of Grover’s quantum algorithmm:“

Dort werden theoretische Überlegungen zur Quantenphysik in der Medizin angestellt, obwohl die Einzelheiten bis heute nicht erforscht wurden.

Nachfolgend habe ich zwei Aufsätze zur grundsätzlichen Bedeutung der Quanteninformationsverarbeitung im Organismus unter dem Gesichtspunkt der Homöopathie eingestellt.


Der AHZ-Aufsatz ist nachfolgend ins Englische übertragen.

Are biophotons active mediator of homeopathic remedies?

– A wave theory of homeopathy – (Abridged from AHZ 2011; 256 (5): 19-22)

Lothar Brunke

Background: The theory of intracellular bio-photons has been known since the 1920s. It provides a theoretical basis on which the effects of homeopathic medicines described by Samuel Hahnemann, can be understood theoretically as a wave theory. The understandings of the biophotons research should be applied to homeopathy.

Biophotons A hitherto by homeopaths largely unconsidered point of view are the research of Fritz-Albert Popp. He has been active in the 1970s with bio photons [5]: 48 ff Mitogenic radiation. In 1923 Alexander Gurwitsch discovered photon emission in the spectral range around 260 nm in the investigation of onion cells. This radiation is called by Gurwitsch mitogenetic radiation. He brought an onion tip in the state of cell division near of a quiescent onion tip. This led to the stimulation of growth of dormant onion tip. From this Gurwitsch concluded that radiation from the growing tip stimulates the dormant onion bulb tip. In order to isolate the phenomenon, he initially took a glass plate between the onion tips. This prevented the excitation of growth. Only quartz glass as a filter let the radiation through to the dormant onion tip that has been so excited. From this Gurwitsch concluded that there is radiation in the UV [1]: 97 f

Biophoton emission. Concerning Popp (with reference to Gurwitsch) the biophoton emission as probably the control mechanism of the intracellular metabolism has been discovered. He starts from intracellular coherent photon radiation, which controls the metabolic processes targeted [5]: 53 The recent literature shows a range of exciting discoveries in this field. The generality of the theory for all life processes in terms of Popp is so far controversial. Importance of bio-photons for homeopathy

Homeopathy for the results from the theory of coherent radiation in the intracellular control of life processes, an approach that could explain many previously unsolved problems Homeopathy in theory, such as spirit-like efficacy of homeopathic remedies, as postulated by Hahnemann already was.

Spirit-like activity is for Hahnemann transmission alone by touching the nerve endings, which can be explained only by an information transfer, but not by a material effect [3]: 71 (§ 11, Note 1)].

Conditions of the spirit-like activity

This requires hypothetical following conditions: • • All homeopathically potentiated remedies should be able to store coherent photons or the information of coherent photons. They could give information of coherent photons in the living individual, thereby influencing the control of life processes. When administered to the patients • • Under coherent photons you should understand photons with a single, well-defined wavelength (frequency) and the associated energy. • • The intensity of coherent photons should increase with the potentiation. You can define homeopathy as the power or ability of the homeopathic remedy to upset the life force – which

is equivalent to a change of being – to create a disease of that remedy (primary effect) [3]: 116 (§ 63). • • It is necessary to demonstrate that the homeopathic remedy stored photons transmit signal pattern of the cell that affect the regulation of the cell.

Signal molecules

The cyclic adenosine monophosphate (cAMP) and the guanine triphosphate (GTP) are important signaling molecules. It is described that a single photon triggers reactions which can be processed by the signal cascades. The absorption of a photon by a receptor can already cause a conformational change that leads to a binding of the intracellular domain to GTPαβγ. This results in other reactions which here not further shall be presented [6].

Storage of photons in homeopathic remedies

The crucial point is that with today’s biochemical knowledge can not be claimed that the photon control of intracellular processes is pure speculation. Even if the photon control of all intracellular control processes has so far not detected with suitable experiments can the observed effect of homeopathy on living organisms suggests that the mechanism of action of biophotons, is not explored, but for the life processes has it to be decisive. If homeopathic remedies are able to store photons, it is necessary to demonstrate that the homeopathic remedy stores photons or whose information transmitted signal pattern of the cell affecting the regulation of the cell.

Photons stored in the storage media

The mechanism how the photons are stored in water or other carrier media has not yet been recorded not even with a little evidence. It were propound any theories to the memory of water, however, how the water or other mediums store the information is not known.

Wave theory and biophotons „Cell to cell communication by biophotons has been demonstrated in plants, bacteria, animal neutrophil granulocytes and kidney cells. Whether such signal communication exists in neural cells is unclear. By developing a new biophoton detection method, called in situ biophoton autography (IBA), we have investigated biophotonic activities in rat spinal nerve roots in vitro. We found that different spectrallight stimulation (infra red, red, yellow, blue, green and white) at one end of the spinal sensory or motor nerve roots resulted in a significant increase in the biophotonic activity at the other end.“ [7]

Experiment of Sun et al. 2010 The experiment of Sun et al. [7] shows experimentally that a photon stimulus at the input of the nerve through the nerve is conducted, and generates an output photons signal. This could be understood as a technical conducter with amplifier. Although the Chinese researchers used as an input stimulus to the nerve no biophotons, but the relatively strong light source of a light emitting diode. Nevertheless, the test was suitable to produce biophotons at the output of the nerve. It has used a non-specific light signal at the input, to produce a signal of biophotons at the output, which was detected with a highly sensitive electronic camera and with silver ions. Sun et al. assume that the cell communication by biophotons was already confirmed at the specified (small) creatures. Whether this kind of communication in neuralcells also exists is so far unclear. They studied in the preparation the activity of the biophotons of the spinal nerve roots of rats and found out that the stimulation with different frequencies of light

significantly increased the activity of biophotons at the other end. Lidocaine inhibited the conduction..

Wave theory According to current ideas light has dual character as a wave and a particle. The wave theory of homeopathic treatment effect assumes that biophotons have the properties of an electromagnetic wave. The peculiarity of the electrons in metabolic processes is that they do presumably have a regulation function in the living organism caused by absorption and emission of photons of energy between resonant energetic associated electrons. The ability to store photon energy in the electrons of homeopathic medium, represents the missing link in the plausibility of homeopathy. • • The experiments of Sun et al. [7] shows that the signal transmission in nerve cells is not merely a biochemical process, which is accompanied by electrical activity but also an operation, where ultra-weak biophotons are important.

Sense of touch of the nerves.

This fits well with the cognition of Hahnemann. He writes that diseases can only be healed by

„Spirit-like, dynamic, virtual power of change“ be healed. This includes that the right homeopathic remedy must be received [3] by the organism with ubiquitous sense of touch of nerves: 74 (§ 16). The central observation is the reception of homeopathic remedy with the nerve fiber. Wave theory The term of the wave theory of homeopathy can be traced back to the wave properties of biophotons.

Energy quantization

In 1905 Einstein used Planck’s idea of the energy quantization to explain the photoelectric effect [8]. The related experimental results led Einstein to postulate that light is not continuously distributed in space, but is quantized in small packets, the photons. The energy of the photon is hν (h = Planck’s constant, ν = frequency of light).

A electron brought out by light from the metal surface get the energy of a single photon. Although If the intensity of light is increased, more electrons in the same time will be released from the metal surface. The energy absorbed by electron don not increases. The experiment suggests that only the frequency of light for the activation of an electron from a metal electrode and the necessary energy is crucial, but not the amount of photons.

Application of the experiment.

The experiment can be similarly applied to living biological structures. In this case also a photon with a defined wavelength (coherent photon) is needed for activation of an electron from a protein to be biologically active. Prerequisite for biological activity is the wavelength of the coherent light (Latin: related = cohaereo be connected). The term coherent is here used in the sense of well-defined frequency and thus energy of the photon energy, which is necessary to excite an electron in one molecule involved in living process is required. The

photons are the smallest components of the light with dual nature as wave and as particles, depending on the experimental test setup.

Hahnemann’s description of the spirit-like effect

Hahnemann has described in his writings, the spirit-like (dynamic) effectiveness of homeopathic remedies. This designation results in our time at the homeopathic layman an leads to misunderstanding. Hahnemann meant here in no way any „holy“ spirit, psychic or other mental mixtures (religious) forces, as it is believed in the astrology, mysticism and psychotherapy. And certainly he meant not the universal divine power of the universe, how Orgone, Chi, and other world powers divine. He wanted simply express that the medical power of the homeopathic remedy already act with „touch [as the contrary of mental influence] of the living animal fiber in the whole body dynamically without to attach him ever so finely conceived matter“ any pharmacological agent [3] (§ 11).

Information photon wave. In lack of modern knowledge with this description has been expressed by Hahnemann the non-pharmacological, ghost-like, i.e, the „wave-like and information-like“ action of the homeopathic remedy by Hahnemann. The mechanism of action is transferring information of a coherent information by here postulated photon wave. The coherence means in this article, a fine-tuned frequency of the photon and ensures that only the appropriate receptor substrate (protein, nucleic acid possibly others) in the cell to respond specifically resonant way and allows a fine control of the cell. From the author’s view any other not explainanation of homeopathy does not explain the nature of the observations Hahnemann conserning homeopathy.

From the author´s view any other explanation of homoeopathy does not explain the observations of

Hahnemann concerning homoepathy. I could confirm these observation with my own expereriments in the production of remedies in 1985.

Misinterpretation of the mechanism of action

Under the misinterpretation of the mechanism of action of homeopathy are to see all psychological explanations (placebo theory), as well as explanations of nanoparticles as active mediators or supposedly „modern“ astrology or psychoanalytic approaches. All they do not have the by Hahnemann described „spirit-like effect“, which is only and already characterized by the transfer the effect of the homeopathic remedy solely by contact with the nerve endings on the whole body in a short time (at ones) and without any further condition.

• • Only the transmission of electromagnetic waves by coherent photons satisfies this condition for the „spirit-like effect,“ described by Hahnemann. It can therefore be described as a wave theory of homeopathy and is so far different from the other theories. The effectiveness of spiritual healing, which F. A. Mesmer has worked on a different basis should not denied with this essay.

More results of biophoton reserche In connection with the biophotonic reserche it is alos refered to the works of Daniel Fels Switzerland. In his essay titled „Cellular communication through light“ . he investigated the

basics of biophoton theory as control mechanism for energy intake and the division rate of Paramecium caudatum (little animal lashes) [2]. With the experiments he has shown that cell communication with bio photons is a communication system, which has to be distinguished from molecular receptor system of pharmacology.

Discussion Homeopathy has to solve a difficult task from the the beginning. It works with remedies whose efficacy at the cellular level has no concrete evidence still today. The experiences and successes of medical homeopaths over the past 200 years show that they achieve with the homeopathic treatment clinically relevant effects.

So far it could not be clarified whether and how water as the transmitter of the homeopathic remedy can store photon information.

Since biophotons in the water (and other carrier media) probably are not stored, the possibility has to be assumed that electrons absorb biophotons in the hydrogen bond by increasing their own energy hv and emit photons again later in the living organism. Whether they are stable in the hydrogen bond with a higher energy level, is not examined and would be just the next step to investigate the storage of information of the homoepathic remedy.

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